For us, using Facebook Advertising started as a curiosity exercise to explore the arena of paid social. Given that we don’t specialise in search (we have partners that do), we wanted to check out the more specialist areas of paid marketing as we knew the potential could be huge for our clients.

After exploring a few different routes we instantly found a lot to like about Facebook, both from the perspective of an advertiser and campaign manager. It’s now become an invaluable tool we leverage to help our clients reach new customers and grow their online revenue.

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve never tried Facebook advertising and you’re here out of curiosity. Ideally you’ll find this post interesting and a good starting point for why Facebook might make sense for your crayon business, pet hair removal service, new iPhone app, revolutionary weight loss programme, etc.

Right then… 3 minutes, 5 reasons – let’s go.

It’s targeted

The targeting capability in the adverts manager is really comprehensive. The ad manager lets you target specific demographics through a wealth of interest and attribute filtering. Hone in on a user’s likes, their relationship status, how their household income stacks up or whether they’re likely to complete a given action. So if you know your ideal target customer you can plug these into Facebook and start reaching the people that matter to you.

It’s flexible

The adverts manager gives you a wealth of options on how to target, run and deliver your message to your audience. Import your own customer data or target users based on interests / behaviour. Run your campaigns based on a specific goal, like driving traffic or increasing conversions. Choose from a broad selection of ad formats and placements like mobile feed, audience network or Instagram syndication.

It’s measurable

Like any good marketing platform, the results of your activity are right before your eyes. You can track both standard and custom events based on actions you define (e.g. adding an item to basket, viewing a specific product.) Beyond this there’s a whole load of reporting information provided to see how people are interacting with your ads, split over different categories of interest, like engagement, performance, devices etc.

It’s scalable

Scalability comes in a few flavours with Facebook advertising. On a data level for example, you can use your existing customer information from your ecommerce store of mass mailing platform to create amplified lookalike audiences to target at scale. You can also quickly up-scale your ad spend and audience reach if you’ve hit the sweet spot and things are working well.

It’s insightful

As with any marketing activity we want it to be sustainable and not a fleeting win. Ideally you want to get to a place where you know intimately why what you’re doing is working. Facebook’s advertising enables this by allowing you to gauge key information whilst campaigns are running, but also analyse post-performance and dig into the facts that matter most. As a basic example: If you ran a campaign which targeted a broad age group and wanted to know which specific age bands responded best by gender and device – you can do this easily.

So there you have it. Those are our 5 reasons why Facebook advertising is worth a go.

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