Bear Swagger


Bear Swagger approached us to give some advice around their online proposition due to our experience of working with similar brands within the fashion / lifestyle sector.

Before we started working with Bear Swagger the brand had already been active for over a year. In that time they had established themselves through their website and social channels. After reviewing the brand's online footprint and observing how it communicated its message and values, it became clear that it wasn't one single area that was in need of attention but all aspects of the brand.

We set up a clear series of short-term objectives to immerse ourselves in the brand both internally and externally and as a result, our partnership has been solidly built on the foundations that the brand has already laid, and accelerated both online awareness and business growth.

Bear Swagger


We began by installing analytics on all channels to start tracking key data and help gain an understanding of how everything was performing.

  • Creative Strategy
  • Content Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Analytics & Measurement

Our first priority was to identify any conversion weak points in the Bear Swagger website. Before we could address any aspects of the brand or external channels, we had to ensure the site could effectively convert shoppers into sales, as ultimately it's the most end point from a revenue perspective. Our discovery process resulted in an action list for Bear Swagger to implement with a view to tweaking further areas once we had completed our brand analysis.
With tracking set up and the website now remedied, we then focused on addressing the brand message and positioning.

Working closely with Bear Swagger we were able to expose the core values that are elemental to the brand. Through a process of feedback and refinement we were then able evolve the core message into something more succinct and powerful that could be used to ensure all outward communications were consistently well executed.

Bear Swagger


The work so far has revealed some extremely valuable insights that are constantly being used to inform our ongoing strategy.

Bear Swagger now know where their most valuable social channels are, what they mean in terms of revenue through the website, and crucially how they can now start to build the brand by using continual insights provided by the measurement and tracking we've installed.

We're currently in the process of implementing the new brand updates which will quickly ripple through all of the communication channels encompassing the social profiles, the website homepage and transactional emails delivered by the e-commerce system. Bear Swagger now have a very clear set of business goals and our objective is to ensure we are working in partnership with them to deliver a singular consistent brand experience.

If you think we might be the studio for you, give us a call on +44 (0)161 832 4359 and ask for Pete.

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