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Increasing online revenue through previously untapped marketing channels.

Having worked with the brand for nearly five years we understood implicitly the marketing tools they already had in place. This allowed us to leave alone things that were working and instead focus on new, untapped channels that were ripe for exploration.

After considering various different options we decided to hit both goals by combining their rich customer data with targeted social advertising, specifically leveraging Facebook and Instagram.

Fresh Ego Kid


Good data is crucial to getting the best from Facebook advertising.

  • Creative Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Social Media
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

We collated customer data from their e-commerce and third party marketing platforms and setup the Facebook pixel on their site to start capturing new visitor data. With all of this in place we could then start assembling a range of highly targeted audiences in the Facebook ad manager.

We wanted to introduce advertising campaigns as a natural addition to the brand’s non-paid communications, making them appear as organic as possible. Choosing the right ad format, imagery and keeping ad copy casual (including the occasional emoji) helped us ensure these ads struck the right balance.

With each campaign we undertook an initial testing period to identify which ads perform best. We split test imagery, messaging, copy to find the most effective instance of the advert. This process of iteration and optimisation ensured that when the full ad budget was invested it was going towards the ads with the best rate of success.

Fresh Ego Kid


The results we've achieved in the first quarter have been both hugely successful and highly profitable.

821% Return on Investment - We've generated over 550 conversions and kept the ad spend extremely economical, resulting in a very profitable ROI.

£2.16 Cost per Conversion - We have active campaigns running with a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) as low as £2.16, which we’re constantly looking to reduce by optimising both ads and audience data.

To ensure all of this success is sustainable we’re working each month to leverage available insights to help us optimise existing campaigns and plan new, more advanced methods of targeting.

If you think we might be the studio for you, give us a call on +44 (0)161 832 4359 and ask for Pete.

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